8 Moments That Will Make You Remember Forever

Marlene 2 month ago
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If you're having a bad day, we'll help brighten your day.

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    Each day brings us new memories. Even a divorce can become joyful if you have a special party with your ex to celebrate it. It’s not just a random event — it’s also the angle through which you look at life. Live with a positive attitude and your life will be rosy. Let Dardarkom bring you unforgettable moments.

    #1. Smarter Than Most People.

    funny pets

    Source: HavingLastLaugh

    "Momma bear checking for traffic before letting her cubs cross the road."

    #2. “A Classic Case Of Boyfriend Was Not A Cat Person. This Was His First Day With A Cat.”

    funny animals

    Source: Reddit

    Yeah, I always say people who aren't cat people just haven't met their cat yet. I've known many friends who said they aren't cat people, or even straight-up "hate" cats...who finally lived with a cat and ended up liking them.

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    #3. “I Saw This Good Boy Today.”

    funny dog

    Source: cookiethetacos

    Saw this good boy at Costco today. Cats and dogs have never been anthropomorphized beings. They are their calling in life as is wildlife. They understand human languages. 

    #4. When Your Waiter Screws Up.

    funny panda

    Source: Jacksonteague

    Panda Standing for food with arms on hips.

    #5. Are You Sure It's A Dog?

    Source: Rosieroseroserose

    “I looked over and saw my new puppy sitting like this, just watching me.”

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    #6. “His First Day At Work.”

    Source: HACK

    Good boy is not ready to become a tactical good boy yet.

    #7. “He Saw The Cat Do It One Time And Now This Happens.”

    animals facts

    Source: clindsay94

    Good thing it’s a non-destructive cat habit. I try to keep mine off the table but he does it anyways and my 15 pound corgi mix thinks he can get away with it too. Many dishes have been destroyed.

    #8. “How I Found My Cat This Morning.”

    funny cat

    Source: Beccalynne

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