8 Facts About Animals They Didn’t Teach Us In Biology Class

Nichole 2 month ago
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Discover nine amazing facts about animals that will blow your mind. Learn how some animals can freeze, set fire, and create art.

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    No student would dare miss a biology class again if their teachers informed them about these animals and their eccentric behaviors.

    We have compiled nine astounding facts about the animal kingdom that could astonish even the scientists. Once you read about these animals, you will come to appreciate their diversity and magnificence.

    #8. Sparrowhawks set grass on fire to force rodents out of their holes

    Source: © pixabay.com

    It may seem unbelievable, but certain birds have been observed as potential culprits for spreading wildfires. Zoologists in Australia have reported instances of sparrowhawks and other birds of prey carrying burning sticks in their talons and dropping them onto dry grass, igniting fires. This behavior is believed to be a hunting tactic, as it forces their prey out of hiding.

    #7. A frog that completely freezes itself

    Facts About Animals

    Source: © pixabay.com

    The Alaskan Wood Frog is capable of enduring a freezing state that lasts for six to seven months. As winter arrives, the frog's body is covered in ice, causing its heart and lungs to stop functioning, and its blood to cease circulating. However, the frog possesses a cryoprotectant mechanism that lowers the freezing point of its blood and other bodily fluids, aiding its survival during such extreme conditions. When spring arrives, the frog awakens and resumes its normal activities.

    #6. A fish that creates a perfectly geometrical nest

    Facts About Animals

    Source: © pixabay.com

    The intricate geometric designs on the floor of the Pacific Ocean are the handiwork of the white-spotted puffer. These visually striking patterns serve a practical purpose of collecting fine sand particles from water currents, aiding the puffer's survival in the ocean's ecosystem.

    #5. Zebras’ stripes don’t serve as camouflage

    Facts About Animals

    Source: © pixabay.com

    Contrary to their expectations, scientists have discovered that the black and white stripes of zebras do not provide camouflage. Rather, they serve as a defense mechanism against tsetse flies and horseflies. The slim stripes on the zebra's body appear unappealing to insects due to the light waves that reflect off the animal's skin.

    #4. A huge shark that won’t bite you

    Facts About Animals

    Source: © Greg Skomal / Wikimedia Commons

    The basking shark is the second-largest fish in the world, next to the whale shark. Despite their large size that may appear capable of swallowing large fish or even a human being, both basking and whale sharks pose no threat as they only feed on plankton.

    #3. Komodo dragons are very weak

    Source: © pixabay.com

    Despite their intimidating appearance and the title of being the largest lizards on Earth, the bite force of Komodo dragons is weaker than that of a house cat. Furthermore, if the dragon were to bite a human, it could potentially injure its own jaw or skull. Nevertheless, the Komodo dragon remains a formidable predator due to its venomous saliva, which it utilizes for hunting.

    #2. The King of the herrings is an incredibly long fish

    Facts About Animals

    Source: © Katia Cao / Wikimedia Commons, © CC BY 3.0

    Several years ago, a monstrous sea creature was captured near Santa Catalina Island. This astounding fish, known as the King of the Herrings or Ribbonfish, measured a staggering 5.5 meters (18 ft) long. It's worth noting that this giant fish holds the Guinness World Record as the longest-living bony fish. The largest of its kind reached a length of 11 meters (36 ft).

    #1. A koala’s fingerprints are almost identical to a human being’s

    Facts About Animals

    Source: © io9.gizmodo.com

    According to Australian researchers, koalas have fingerprints that closely resemble those of humans. The prints are so indistinguishable that even experts find it challenging to differentiate between the two under a microscope - they are as similar as two peas in a pod!

    The world is undoubtedly replete with astonishing creatures boasting remarkable features. Do you happen to know any other lesser-known facts about animals? Feel free to share them with us!

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