7 Ways To Make Your Home More Pet-Friendly

Nichole 2 month ago
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Learn how to make your home more pet-friendly with these 7 easy tips. From sofas to flooring, find out how to keep your pets happy and cozy.

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    If you are a pet owner, you know how much joy and love your furry friends bring to your life. You also know how important it is to create a safe and comfortable home for them to live and play. However, making your home pet-friendly does not mean you have to sacrifice style or convenience. With some simple tips and tricks, you can make your home more welcoming for your pets without compromising your own needs and preferences. Here are some ideas to get you started:

    #1. Invest in a Durable Sofa

    Ways To Make Home More Pet-Friendly

    Source: homestolove.com

    One of the most common places where pets like to cuddle up with their owners is on the sofa. However, not all sofas are suitable for pets, especially if they have claws, fur, or drool. To avoid scratches, stains, and odors, you should invest in a sofa that is made of genuine leather or a synthetic material that is easy to clean and resistant to wear and tear. You can also add some washable covers or throws to protect your sofa and make it more cozy for your pets.

    #2. Choose Hard-Wearing Fabrics

    Ways To Make Home More Pet-Friendly

    Source: homestolove.com

    Another way to make your home more pet-friendly is to choose fabrics that can handle the job. That means durable, washable, and stain-resistant. For example, you can opt for area rugs that are lightweight and easy to throw in the wash, or curtains that are made of cotton or polyester instead of silk or velvet. You can also look for fabrics that match your pets’ fur color or have patterns that can hide dirt and hair.

    #3. Opt for Low-Maintenance Flooring

    Ways To Make Home More Pet-Friendly

    Source: The Home Depot

    Flooring is another aspect of your home that can be affected by your pets’ habits. If you want your home to be more pet-friendly, avoid wall-to-wall carpet and choose hard surfaces instead. Carpet collects hair and unpleasant smells and can make accidents much more difficult to clean up. Instead, opt for a flooring that can stand up to your pets’ habits, such as tile, laminate, vinyl, or hardwood. You can also add some rugs or mats to provide some traction and warmth for your pets.

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    #4. Create a Quiet Space

    Ways To Make Home More Pet-Friendly

    Source: Cherokee Animal Hospital

    Pets need a place where they can retreat to when they need some rest or privacy. It can also be a space where you can keep them out of the way when you have guests or need to do some chores. A quiet space for your pets can be a cozy spot under the stairs, a snuggle zone on the landing, or a dog crate in a corner of the house. You should make sure that this space is comfortable and safe for your pets, with some bedding, toys, water, and treats.

    #5. Add Pet Furniture and Accessories

    Ways To Make Home More Pet-Friendly

    Source: homestolove.com

    One of the easiest ways to make your home more pet-friendly is to add some furniture and accessories that are designed for your pets’ needs and enjoyment. For example, you can provide some scratching posts, cat trees, or tunnels for your cats to exercise their claws and explore their surroundings. You can also offer some beds, baskets, or hammocks for your pets to nap and relax. You can also look for pet furniture that matches your home decor or has dual functions, such as a litter box cabinet or a dog crate end table.

    #6. Consider a Dog-Friendly Mud Room

    Ways To Make Home More Pet-Friendly

    Source: homestolove.com

    If you have a dog that loves to play outside, you may want to consider creating a dog-friendly mud room in your home. A mud room is a space where you can store your coats, shoes, umbrellas, and other outdoor items. It can also be a place where you can clean up your dog before letting them into the rest of the house. You can equip your mud room with some hooks, shelves, baskets, and bins to organize your stuff. You can also add some towels, wipes, brushes, and shampoo to groom your dog.

    #7. Use Essential Oils with Caution

    Ways To Make Home More Pet-Friendly

    Source: BC SPCA

    Many people like to use essential oils to create a pleasant aroma in their homes or to benefit their health and well-being. However, some essential oils can be harmful or even toxic to pets if ingested or applied directly to their skin. Therefore, you should always consult with your vet before using any essential oils around your pets or on their fur. You should also avoid diffusing essential oils in closed spaces where your pets cannot escape if they feel uncomfortable.

    Making your home more pet-friendly does not have to be complicated or expensive. With some simple adjustments and additions, you can create a home that is safe and comfortable for both you and your furry friends. You can also enjoy the benefits of having pets in your home, such as companionship, stress relief, and fun. By following these tips, you can make your home more pet-friendly and show your pets how much you love them.

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