7 Celebrities Who Were So Adored by Their Animal Co-Stars That They Refused to Be Separated

Dardarkom 2 month ago
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Chris Evans and Dodger, Sophie Turner, Zunni, Tom Hardy, and Rocco... Sometimes celebrities co-star with animals and they get along so well it's unbelievable.

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    Chris Evans and Dodger, Sophie Turner, Zunni, Tom Hardy and Rocco... Sometimes celebrities co-star with animals and they get along so well it's unbelievable. Here at Dardarkom, we adore the touching stories about animal-human friendship on set that didn’t end on the last day of the shoot. Here’s a list of celebrities that couldn’t help but stay with their animal friends forever.

    #1. Sophie Turner And Zunni From Game of Thrones.

    animal co-stars

    Zunni, a northern Inuit dog, portrayed the direwolfe, Lady, in Game of Thrones but did not survive the second episode. As a result, Zunni was left without a work and a place to live. Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) chose to adopt her after bonding with Zunni on set. Turner explains that she always desired a dog as a child, but her parents never let her have one.

    #2. Will Smith And Abbie From I am Legend.

    I Am Legend

    Not only did viewers fall in love with the dog named Sam in I am Legend, played by a German Shepherd named Abbey — Will Smith did too! Since the 2 of them formed a deep bond during the filming process, separating after making the movie seemed impossible!

    #3. James Gunn And Oreo From Guardians Of The Galaxy.

    Guardians Of The Galaxy

    James Gunn, the director of Guardians of the Galaxy, became close friends with Oreo, a real-life model for the character Rocket Raccoon. Gunn and Oreo even walked the red carpet together for the opening!

    #4. Tom Hardy And Rocco From The Drop.

    animal co-stars

    You're undoubtedly aware that Tom Hardy adores dogs. That's one of the main reasons he auditioned for the part of Rocco in The Drop (2014), in which the main character rescues an abandoned puppy. Tom adopted Rocco in real life after the film's premiere and, according to paparazzi photos, takes the pup everywhere with him. Rocco is still a regular on the actor's Instagram!

    #5. Ed O’Neill And Bridgett From Modern Family.

    Modern Family

    O'Neill's character in Modern Family instantly falls in love with Stella, a French Bulldog. In real life, O'Neill was caring for the pup, whose actual name is Bridgett, as if he were a real father. She was abandoned by her foster family after being born on the streets. Bridgett was rescued by an animal acting agency one day, and after Modern Family, she found her forever home.

    #6. Chris Evans And Dodger From Gifted.

    animal co-stars

    The Avengers star Chris Evans first met his co-star Dodger on set of Gifted in 2017. As Chris shares, he became best buds with the rescued, mixed-breed boxer and have been inseparable ever since. Today Dodger is no longer a puppy, but still appears on the Twitter account of his beloved hooman.

    #7. Brendan Fraser And Pecas From Texas Rising.

    animal co-stars

    Some of the actor horses on the set of Texas Rising in Mexico were picking on one specific horse, Pecas. Brendan observed and took Pecas home. The horse later developed a special bond with Brendan's autistic son, as the actor revealed.

    Do you know any other animal actors that were adopted by their star colleagues? If you know, please let us know by commenting below and hitting the like-share button! Next, we’re glad to invite you to other furry tales on our site to enjoy your moment!



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