30 Photos Exposing Just How Incredibly Similar Some Pets And Their Owners Are

Dardarkom 2 month ago
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We collected pics of pets that look like their owners to add a bit of a good mood to your day.

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    Do you realize that people who live together often have uncanny similarities? Their habits may be affected by their roommates, but their appearances may also become similar. Surprisingly, this remains true even if your housemates aren't humans but rather some adorable fluffy guys. How could that be? It's difficult to explain, but this strange phenomenon can be found all over the globe. Every pet resembles its owner, which is common information - a scientific fact if you will. And I don't just mean in terms of character, but also in terms of appearance. Nobody knows how it occurs, but life repeatedly demonstrates that even if your new friend looked nothing like you when you first brought it home, you two will be indistinguishable very soon. Whether it is dogs that look like their owners or people who look like their dogs, it is always fun to spot the resemblance. But not only dogs and cats are subject to this curious phenomenon. As a proud pet owner, I can tell you that it holds for virtually any animal you live with. Both my guinea pig and I have ginger hair. We are both addicted to candy, though in his case, the role of candy is played by cucumber peels.

    So, we could come to the conclusion that besides other perks of raising a pet, you will likely have a twin to be proud of. It doesn’t matter if you look like your pet or your furry friend looks like you. The result of this is just so hilarious and incredible that we ignore everything to enjoy it. The resemblance between you and your pets will definitely lead to tons of entertaining snaps which you probably never fed up with. 

    Here we’ve collected a list of 20 pics that expose how pets and owners could be so similar. Scroll down and enjoy!

    #1. Dog And Baby.

    Adorable Pets

    #2. Like Owner Like Pet.

    Funny Dogs

    #3. Grooming Required For Both Boys.

    Adorable Pets

    #4. I Found My Twin At Work!

    Like Pet Like Owner

    #5. Partners In Crime.

    Like Pet Like Owner

    #6. For Some Reason My Mom Thinks We Look Alike.

    Adorable Pets

    #7. Simply Matching.

    Like Pet Like Owner

    #8. Sally The Spaniel And Marv.

    #9. Eye Twins!

    #10. Sleepy Time.


    #11. Me And My Cat... We Like To Chill.

    #12. Ladies In White.

    #13. Like Father, Like Son.

    #14. Like Owner Like Dog.

    #15. Both As Photogenic As Each Other.

    #16. We Found The Perfect Match.

    #17. So My Friend Took This Picture With Her Cat On A Total Fluke.

    #18. My Twin And I With Our Twin Dogs.

    #19. My Friend Entered Her Mom And Dog Into A Radio Station’s Pet Look Alike Contest And They Won.

    #20. Just My Neighbor & His Cat... Reading.

    #21. She Thought This Would Be A Good Post.

    #22. Twins.

    #23. Cathy Aaron With DJ Phini, Her Adorable Cocker Spaniel.

    #24. Truly Look-Alikes.

    #25. Happy Friends.

    #26. Ginger-Hair Twins.

    #27. Like Owner Like Pet.

    #28. They Say Humans And Dogs Really Start To Look Alike.

    #29. We Got A Matching Outfit.

    #30. I Took Graduation Pictures With My Cat. Meet Zeus.

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