20+ Giant Pets Who Look Like They're Surrounded By Smurfs

Marlene 2 month ago
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The pets here look so huge that it will probably scare you at times. They are no longer babies and are grown ups.

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    Pets are the darlings of the house, regardless of their breed or size. However, sometimes they take this pampering too seriously and forget that they are no longer the size of a teddy bear. The pets here look so huge that it will probably scare you at times. They are no longer babies and are grown ups. Dardarkom have given us some hilarious pictures to prove it and we’d like to share them with you.

    #1. “She Thinks She’s A Person.”

    biggest dog

    Source: Fleshmaster

    #2. “This Dog On A Train”

    funny dogs

    Source: AtomicPhantom7

    #3. “My Friend’s Dog, Bosco, Sitting Shotgun In A 1994 G20 Caravan”

    dog meme

    Source: scrotesmacgrotes

    #4. “Our Catahoula Thinks He’s A Lapdog.”

    adorable pets

    Source: Powderkegger1

    #5. “150-Pound Lapdog”

    biggest dog

    Source: hoggtoggs

    #6. “You Try Telling Her That 80-Pound Dogs Aren’t Lapdogs. She Was Raised With Cats, So ’If I Fits, I Sits."

    giant dog breeds

    Source: CaffeinatedCatLady0

    #7. “Leonardo D’Cappucino”

    biggest dog

    Source: Ok-Zookeepergame102 

    #8. “Our Rescue Pup — 11.5 Months Old”

    biggest dog

    Source: Op_Market_Garden

    #9. “Does Anyone Know What Kind Of Puppy This Is?”

    Source: caudata

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    #10. “My Wife And Our 16-Week-Old Puppy (We Think He’s Going To Be Big)”

    Source: Gizzont

    #11. “Little Lady Next To A Giant Dog”

    Source: millre01

    #12. “My Parents’s Dog, Who I Got To See Over The Holidays.”

    Source: juktel

    #13. “My 80-Pound Dog Thinks He’s A Lapdog.”

    Source: altonbrownfan

    #14. “I Will Never Understand How This 90-Pound Dog Gets Himself Into Spaces Like This.”

    Source: leikeai 

    #15. “Grandma And Great Grandson”

    Source: kpes

    #16. “What My Doodle Thinks Of Personal Space.”

    Source: Jonnyyrage

    #17. “My Friend Made Dr. Who PJs For My Great Dane Because She’s Always Cold And Pitiful During Wintertime.”

    Source: irelaxolotl 

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    #18. “90-Pound Giant Dog Loves Small Spaces, Like Under My Desk.”

    Source: Conscious-Lettuce42

    #19. “I Woke Up Startled From A Nightmare And Got Out Of Bed To Find My Dog Because I Wanted Snuggles. He Climbed Onto My Face With All 85 lbs Of Himself And Passed Out.”

    Source: Illustrious_Big_8485

    #20. “My 70-Pound Lapdog Showing His Beautiful Smile”

    Source: IllustriousAct28

    #21. “6’3” Human Next To A 167-Pound Dog, A 14-Pound Dog, And A Destroyed Volleyball"

    Source: Careful-Leather4958

    If your system hasn’t overloaded with this furry cuteness, then check out more articles starring our furry friends. Do you have any animals?If you found this post helpful, don't forget to check out our homepage at Dardarkom for more fun and adorable content about entertainment, humor, memes, and animals.



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