20 Cute Old Dog Photos Are More Photogenic Than Ever

Marlene 3 week ago
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Nothing is more distressing than watching adorable old pets abandoned by their owners and forced to spend their final years alone. Old companions are the best, so why do so many people abandon their elderly pets after presumably caring for them their enti

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    What is truly unjust in life is the short lifespan of a dog. Their main flaw is their short lifespan, which they have no control over. Many children's first loss in life is really the loss of their family dog. Nothing is more painful, though, than watching adorable old dogs abandoned by their owners and forced to spend the last years of their lives alone. Old companions are the best, so why do so many people abandon their elderly pets after presumably caring for them their entire lives? Everyone has their own reasons, some of which are more valid than others, but we are not here to pass judgment. Instead, let us honor these wonderful senior dogs and the great impact they make on our lives. Puppies may be more lively and enthusiastic, but our furry senior pals consider our return home to be the most exciting part of their day. They are also the ones who can detect even the smallest shift in our attitude and rush to our aid if all they can do is be there for us. Old friends are the best friends, and no fella is more devoted and caring than your four-pawed one.

    To honor their unwavering devotion to their owners, we've gathered some of the loveliest antique dog images we could find on the internet. They may be less active, but they are more photogenic than ever! We've gathered some of the sweetest photographs of aging dogs doing what they do best: enriching our lives with their unconditional affection. 

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    #20. Gotten Older But No Less Cute.

    a dog's life

    Source: lucythewonk

    #19. Today Was This Little Lady's 15th Birthday! 

    funny dogs

    Source: tantulsa

    #18. Zen Attitude.

    dog life style

    Source: pacha.the.pom

    #17. My Old Girl.

    best dog for you

    Source: SomeDinDin

    #16. My Humans Are Obsessed With Me.

    cutest dogs

    Source: rocky_the_puggle_2007

    #15. Max Is Looking At The Big Sea.

    dog breeds

    Source: lofoten_dog_adventure

    #14. Happy Love Your Pet Day.

    dog's lifespan

    Source: the_friendly_sheepdog

    #13. This Is Dingo, He's My 10 Year Old Man.

    dog's lifespan

    Source: oleslie109

    #12. Bruce Is A Senior Doggo. Walks Take A Lot Out Of Him Now A Days But He Still Rates Them 11/10.

    the smart dogs

    Source: Sloesheep

    #11. I Took Him To The Park.

    dog's lifespan

    Source: i_hushi

    #10. A Surprisingly Good Photo Of Our Old Man Dog, Singer, Who Is A 13 Year Old Plotthound.

    a dog life

    Source: FraxinusRex

    #9. The Shelter Called Spaghetti A Senior Dog, But I Think His Eyes Still Say Puppy.

    best dog for you

    Source: fishsticksmcgee

    #8. Excuse Me!

    funny dogs

    Source: mocha.the.chowmix

    #7. A Very Senior Gentleman.

    dog lifestyle

    Source: imnodeadfish

    #6. A Smile From Sadie The 15 Yr Old Corgi.

    the smart dogs

    Source: mac_is_crack

    #5. My 14 Year Old Boy, I Still Think He’s Cute!

    dog's lifespan

    Source: Parchmentperson

    #4. Girlfriend Taking Her 13 Year Old Dog For A Walk.

    best dog for you

    Source: PistolPerfect

    #3. This Is Bear, The 20 Year Old Pup!

    cutest dogs

    Source: stephfulks

    #2. My Sweet Girl Cheech Is 15 Years Old!

    dog memes

    Source: darthliki

    #1. Rescued A Senior Floofer This Year, We Call This Her “Retirement”.

    dog's lifespan

    Source: DeadskinsDave

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