20 Animals That Are Actually Born Comedians

Marlene 1 month ago
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Read on to see a meditating lemur, a cat screwing in a lightbulb, a bear reading the newspaper, and lots more goofy things animals have done.

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    Animals can provide us a lot of delight and wonder, as well as a lot of laughter. They probably have no idea how funny they are, but that is what makes them such natural comedians! Continue reading to watch a meditating lemur, a cat plugging in a lightbulb, a bear reading the newspaper, and many more amusing animal behaviors.

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    #1. They See Me Rollin', They Hatin'.

    Funniest Animals in the World

    Source: Youtube

    Move aside, everyone; this dog is on his way to the store for some snacks, toys, and stranger pets. The question of the day, though, is whether or not this canine has a license. She doesn't want to end up in dog jail since she was driving without a license. The cops, on the other hand, would have to apprehend her first!

    #2. A Hedgehog And Its Skateboard: A Love Story.

    funny animals

    Source: Imgur

    Honestly, has a hedgehog ever been happier than this little guy? The tiny smile on his face riding that skateboard is precious. People could take a page out of this little guy's book and find joy in the tiny things, like enjoying nature while riding along with your best friend. In this little dude's case, his human

    #3. Take Your Child To Work Day.

    funny dog

    Source: Imgur

    The finest aspect of this photo isn't the dog sitting like a human with its arm on the ledge, or even that the dog resembles its human. It's that the dog appears to be preparing to deliver the best worst pick-up line known to human and dogkind. That, and the fact that a solid line of droll emanates from the corner of his mouth.

    #4. "Well, Here's Your Problem..."

    Source: Reddit

    Car troubles are always irritating. While some of the issues are easy fixes, others can cost a whole lot of money. That is, if a person doesn't have their own furry friend who doubles as a mechanic. It looks as though this animal knows their way under a car and even with some tools.

    #5. Don't Worry, The Corgi Knows What He's Doing.

    best animal

    Source: Reddit

    It is not easy to operate a tractor. Before getting behind the wheel, a person must be trained to operate the machinery. But don't worry; this corgi is the master of all things dirt-related. He simply desired to dig in the backyard more quickly.

    #6. Get In, Loser, We're Going To Pet Smart.

    animals facts

    Source: Reddit

    These pups appear to have waited one minute too long for their owner to get into the car. They took matters into their own hands, selecting one dog to drive, one to sit shotgun, one to sit in the rear, and one to sit in the trunk.

    #7. Hello, This Is Dog.

    dog memes

    Source: Reddit

    Give this canine a raise! He is certainly doing an excellent job and should be given extra bones at lunch or promoted to Executive Borker. In any case, he's most certainly bringing in all of the sales and putting this company in the black.

    #8. Just A Bear Reading The Newspaper.

    bear memes

    Source: Imgur

    Being so close to a bear, especially if it's a cub like this one, can be terrifying. But seeing that bear "reading" a newspaper like it's not a wild beast is very reassuring. This small bear is most likely just playing with the paper, but it appears to be reading the text! The animal is even propping up the paper with its foot, as if to get a better look. Apparently, having a newspaper on hand is the key to safe camping!

    #9. This Great Dane Has Excellent Subway Manners.

    Funniest Animals in the World

    Source: Pinterest

    Great Danes are massive dogs, so seeing one on the metro would be quite an experience. The way this one is seated adds to the hilarity of its subway ride! The dog, like the humans, has its bottom in the seat, but it is far too large to balance upright. Instead, the dog has leaned forward to support itself on its front paws. It's a cute attempt at exhibiting excellent manners on the tube.

    #10. Taking In The Day.

    cat memes

    Source: Imgur

    Because it's sitting upright and leaning to one side to rest on an elbow, this cat resembles a human. The plump feline appears to be relaxing after a long day at work. It's just that instead of being on the couch, it's on a flight of stairs outside, looking off into the distance. The cat even appears to be smiling as it takes in the sights of the day.

    #11. Parrot Gymnastics.

    animal facts

    Source: Reddit

    The owner of these birds appears to have been attempting to take a group portrait when one of the birds decided to play class clown. Because the colorful bird is leaned off the top of the cage, its face is upside down and blurry in the photograph! Talk about a family photo blunder. We also like how there's a disco ball in the background, making it appear as if the bird is busting a move in a disco nightclub.

    #12. Sleeping Like A Human. 

    best pets for you

    Source: Imgur

    Dogs often sleep curled up on their stomachs or stretched out on their sides. This one is lying on its back with its paws in the air, as if pretending to be its owner. The dog is also not in a dog bed. It's on a twin bed, head on the pillow, body under the sheets, just like a human! Hopefully, the dog didn't get too carried away pretending to be a human.

    #13. The Studious Sloth.

    Source: Imgur

    Sloths may be slow to move, but that doesn't imply their thoughts are! Take a look at this focused sloth, who is sitting at a classroom desk with a large notebook in front of him. Having a sloth as a pet is unusual enough, but bringing one to class? That is simply incredible! To be able to bring a sloth into the classroom, this pet owner must have a really laid-back instructor. Maybe it was a high school show-and-tell.

    #14. The Mech-CAT-Nic.

    Source: Twitter

    It's amazing how many talents owners can teach their pets. With the way it inspects the bottom of a car, this cat appears to have evolved into a full-fledged technician. There are even tools scattered around it. We'd presume that this photo was manufactured because such little paws couldn't possibly pick up a screwdriver. Still, it's amusing to imagine the mech-cat-nic performing an oil change down there.

    #15. How Many Cats Does It Take To Screw In A Lightbulb?

    Source: Reddit

    Some cats spend their days relaxing by a window, soaking up the rays. But not this one! This cat is working as a handyman's assistant for its owner. Watching its owner change the light bulbs in the chandelier must have taught the pet a thing or two. It climbed right up the ladder and began working on another bulb! Even if it isn't much help, it is surely entertaining to watch!

    #16. Pandas Playing On The Playground.

    Source: Reddit

    These pandas appear to be living a happy existence. Based on the background, we're quite confident they're in a zoo enclosure. The pandas are not sitting in trees, but rather on playground equipment designed for children!

    It's delightful to see a baby panda in a brightly colored rocking chair and another riding a toy horse. They chose the structure that appears to be intended for humans out of all the possibilities!

    #17. Sometimes You Just Need A Jar Of Peanut Butter.

    Source: Reddit

    Many of us have had those days where you grab the entire jar of peanut butter and a spoon. This raccoon can relate. It didn't even both with a spoon; it just went all-in with its paw. We're amazed it even managed to get the lid off! The animal is just sitting there on a chair with a paw in the jar while looking off into the distance. It must have been a rough day.

    #18. Feeling Like A King In This Baby Swing.

    Source: Twitter

    This dog's expression doesn't seem to fit the scene, but that's what makes the image so amusing! You've got the brawny bulldog with the expression of Marlon Brando in The Godfather. When you look down, you notice that the dog is in a baby swing! "I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse," this dog says to one of the tiny kids on the playground.

    #19. Just A Pair Of Dogs Getting Some Financial Advice.

    Source: Reddit

    These golden retrievers must have been excited to meet the person with whom their owner was conversing. So they hopped up on their hind legs and rested their front legs on the desk. They appear to be a couple looking for financial help! One of them is looking more intently in the direction of the banker. The other has its tongue out as if it doesn't care about anything. We all know who wears the pants in that marriage.

    #20. Even Cats Need A Bit Of TLC.

    Source: Reddit

    Being a cat can be difficult. They lounge around all day, knock things off of tables and bring home the occasional rodent as a gift. Sometimes, all of that draining work means a bit of TLC. In this case, a nice robe, headwrap, and some cooling cucumbers to deal with the puffy bags under the kitty's eyes.

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