15+ Times We See The Ridiculous Difference Between Reality And Social Media

Dardarkom 2 month ago
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If you haven't already, you may catch up on the pertinent articles here and here, respectively, if you haven't before.

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    15+ Times We See The Rididulous Difference Between Reality And Social Media

    #1. 1st pic posted recently, 2nd pic posted 2020. The design is very human

    Source: Brightside

    #2. Same person – Instagram & screenshot on television

    #3. Do male IG models count?

    #4. She swears she doesn’t use filters!

    #5. She’s a genuinely pretty girl. she doesn’t need all of those filters

    #6. She claims her body is “natural” and all “genetics”

    #7. No difference at all

    #8. Never skip jaw day

    #9. This person is speaking at an event I’m going to later this year. First pic is from the event page, second is from Google

    #10. Jeeeeez a bit of the uncanny valley… this is honestly sad

    #11. Badonkadonk with nonexistent organs

    #12. Those are some blurry leaves

    #13. No skin texture. no straight lines yall, what happened to my face tattoos. no hairline..

    #14. Aging really shouldn’t be something we’re ashamed of

    #15. Her Ig Profile Picture vs. A Screencap Of The TV Show She’s On

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