15+ People Interviews With Strangely Funny Stories

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    You will always have to shake off a few frightened butterflies before putting on your nicest suit and walking into a job interview. This is something that just can't be helped. This is something that must be done on each and every occasion. Even if some of them are brought on by anxiety, it is more likely that the great majority of them are brought on by your enthusiasm. Wow! You are going to do extremely well in the work interview that has been scheduled for you. This is by far the most desirable employment opportunity that could be presented to me. Right..?

    But here's the thing: being well-prepared is not the only factor that will influence how well our interview goes. There are other things to consider. The success of our interview is also an important consideration. It is likely that the person who is conducting the interview is unprofessional and will ask you questions that have nothing to do with the work they are interviewing you for. You will be left wondering whether or not you are being pranked for a television program and what the ever-loving fudge is going on when they suddenly appear out of nowhere and hit you like a hammer.

    15+ People Interviews With Strangely Funny Stories