14+ Pics Showing Your Life Is Luckier Many People

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    In this crazy world, things almost never turn out the way you expect them to. There may be moments when you will have the impression that everyone and everything in the world is conspiring to bring you down, and sadly, this will happen more often than it will not. Finding out that your white work shirt has been stained by coffee just seconds before you leave for the day is the kind of thing that haunts people's dreams. As a direct result of this, you may find that you are prone to experiencing irritation throughout the whole day. Right. No matter how terrible it is, there is always the possibility that something else may go wrong.

    You are not the only one having a bad day if you take a look at the other individuals on the list, as you will notice if you do so. There is a sizeable population of people around the world who have, in the most recent past, been forced to endure the most challenging times of their lives. It is most likely that you are currently experiencing a lovely sense of good fortune. It is a horrible thing to take pleasure in the suffering of others; nevertheless, if you concentrate on the tale of their sadness, it is likely that your own tragic story may seem less significant in contrast to the story they are telling.

    14+ Pics Showing Your Life Is Luckier Many People

    #1. We saved up for a honeymoon, that's what we got!

    #2. Poor Gary with his Doris

    #3. Hello! human!

    #4. It's was blackhead remover, I was so embarrassed

    #5. Eventually, He looks cute tho

    #6. I lost my phone at NY

    #7. A hunch? Nahhh

    #8. I experienced it once, but in another place down there

    #9. It's only you in a 100-employees company enjoying Halloween

    #10. Wore 2 to get my wife's opinion, but forget to take one off!

    #11. I was sleepy as F!


    #13. Pepper with eggs being seasoning

    #14. I heard "Quack, quack, quack" over there

    #15. It's midnight, and I'm f*cking sleepy

    #16. It's helpless

    #17. "I took up the ladder and didn't see the paint was on top of it."

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