10 Smartest Animals In The World You Probably Never Knew

Marlene 2 month ago
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If you want to meet the most intelligent animals on planet earth? Well then, you’re in luck, for this is our article dedicated to the smartest animals in the world!

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    Animals were not always seen as extremely intelligent beings. Except for monkeys and dolphins, who we always suspected of plotting something (taking over the world? Putting together a tiny dolphin committee? Nobody knows). However, thanks to YouTube videos and scientific advancements, we can now be very clear that animals are sentient beings capable of performing tasks, utilizing tools, and even displaying human-like emotions. 

    That being said, not all of them are created equal, and some intelligent creatures are even smarter than the others. Do you want to meet the most intelligent creatures on the planet? Then you're in luck, because here is our post about the world's smartest animals! Some of the contenders, though, may surprise you! Did you know that honey badgers can use tools and that pigeons can recognize themselves as well as memorize and distinguish human faces? 

    #1. Elephant.

    the smartest animals

    Source: Live Science

    Elephants are not only large in stature, but they are also extremely intelligent. Elephants are one of the smartest land creatures, with great memory and human-like emotions. 

    #2. Octopus.

    amazing octopus

    Source: JSTOR Daily

    Although they appear to be extraterrestrial entities, they have highly human intelligence. These cephalopods, like mammals, are famed for their abilities to overcome complicated issues and are true escape artists!

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    #3. Domestic Cat.

    Domestic Cat

    Source: Hepper

    They are tenacious and often strange, but this is because a domestic cat's intelligence is comparable to that of a 2-year-old human toddler! Cats are unique in that they realize that just because an object is out of sight does not mean it has vanished forever. They are aware that you have hidden their treats. 

    #4. Crow (Corvid).

    Crow (Corvid)

    Source: RSPB

    When it comes to intelligence, these plain-looking birds are nothing but plain. Crows are known to use tools, solve difficult tasks that need preparation, and communicate well. They can also recall the faces of their wrongdoers, so respect them!

    #5. Raccoon.

    the most intelligent animals

    Source: aFamily

    Raccoons are actually highly intelligent, despite our perception of them as charming but annoying garbage robbers. On intelligence tests, they even outperform monkeys! Perhaps this is why, no matter how secure your bins are, they always find a way to get to the good things. 

    #6. Orca.

    the smartest animals

    Source: Newsweek

    You may not believe it, but researchers agree that orcas are smarter than dogs! Aside from having the second-largest brains of any ocean animal, they have a distinct sense of self and exhibit a variety of intelligence-related activities. 

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    #7. Sperm Whale.

    Source: BBC

    Sperm whales are one of the rare species who can recognize their own image! Hopefully, this does not come with human-like characteristics such as the occasional bout of low self-esteem.  Sperm whales are competent at problem solving, and they can even locate stranded sailors or underwater landmines!

    #8. Dog.

    Source: Barc London

    We all know that dogs are smart, but did you know that their intelligence is comparable to that of a 2-year-old human kid? Now, only if human kids were so amenable and cute... 

    #9. Gorilla.

    Source: WWF

    There is no doubt that gorillas are highly intelligent! Remember Koko, the gorilla who learned how to use sign language? If that's not proof of this species' intelligence, we don't know what is. 

    #10. Otters.

    Source: BBC

    We all know otters as these painstakingly cute and adorably playful animals, but they are also pretty smart. Some studies show, that otters might be just as smart as dolphins!

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