10 Shocking Facts About Animals That Will Surprise You

Marlene 2 month ago
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“What is your number 1 obscure animal fact?”, people shared fascinating facts about animals. Scroll down and check it.

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    Here are 20 photos of unusual animal facts that people shared in an online community. There are many amazing creatures in the world, but there are some strange facts about the animal realm that many of us are unaware of.

    People shared fascinating animal facts when questioned on Dardarkom, "What is your number one obscure animal fact?" Scroll down and take a look. All photos are linked to the locations where they were shot. Please feel free to look at more of these artists' work on their collections or personal websites.

    #1. Never eat banana candy near beehives.

    animal facts

    Source: Boba Jaglicic

    "The chemical compound used to produce fake banana flavor is the same compound used by honey bees as an alarm pheromone." So, never eat banana sweets near a beehive, and if you abruptly scent banana, run!"

    #2. How will Kangaroos mate?

    umber 1 obscure animal fact

    Source: Ethan Brooke

    "One to three days after giving birth, a kangaroo will mate again." The newborn will latch onto a teat in the pouch, and as long as it flourishes, the kangaroo will be able to place its freshly fertilized embryo in dormancy and have a backup baby ready to go. If the newborn grows out of the pouch or dies, the kangaroo's hormones will send messages to the egg to begin development. so they can have a teenage Joey, a nursing Joey, and a Joey in stasis all at once."

    #3. Turtles can breathe through their butts.

    Turtles can breathe

    Source: David Cadenas

    #4. A beaver smells like ice cream.
    A beaver

    Source: Niklas Hamann

    Castoreum, the product of those anal glands, was once used as a flavor substitute for vanilla. It’s now only used in perfume and a style of Swedish schnapps called Bäverhojt, or “beaver shout.”

    #5. Greenland sharks are blind.

    Greenland sharks

    Source: Wikipedia

    The overwhelming majority of Greenland sharks are blind as a result of a parasite that eats and replaces their eyes. Because their eyesight is poor anyway, the parasites wave like bait and can have the same effect as anglerfish, and sharks are super slow, this may be one of the few ways they catch their prey living.

    #6. Tarantulas have pet frogs. 

    animal facts

    Source: Carlos Henrique

    The frogs eat bugs and parasites that would damage the spider’s eggs, and in turn, the spider protects the frog. Even after the eggs hatch they continue to protect the frog.

    #7. Female dragonflies will fake being dead to stop unwanted male advances.

    Source: Led Attridge

    #8. All the deep sea anglerfish you see pictures of with the Lil lights hanging over their heads? They’re all female.

    Males are tiny and born with a dreadfully weak jaw and a voracious appetite. They go after a female and, divided between hunger and lust, bite her. She then secretes an enzyme that binds the male to her. She slowly absorbs them into her body, leaving only their lil testicles behind so she can fertilize her eggs immediately when she wants to. Some females have rows and rows of small testicles on their bodies from absorbing numerous males. And you thought your love life was strange, didn't you? But no shaming of quirks.

    #9. Many bird species will eat the fecal sacks of their young.

    Source: Ben Mullins

    Many bird species will eat the fecal sacks of their young, thus keeping the nest clean for their young. "I no longer wish I knew what it would be like to be a bird.”

    #10. Rabbits don’t have pads on their paws. Only fur.

    Source: Gavin Allanwood

    What do you think about these facts? Do you know any other rare facts about animals? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and don't forget to hit the subscribe button to get more of the latest and exciting entertainment from us!





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