10+ Celebrities With Weird Habits That Can Make You Grin In Wonderment

Dardarkom 2 month ago
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We've compiled a list of celebrities with weird habits, and we're convinced that most of them will surprise you, from eating insects and spiders to washing with wet wipes.

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    All humans have ingrained habits that have evolved over time. Like anyone else, famous people have their differences. Nonetheless, we all have a tendency to idealize renowned people and regard them as ideal role models. Although well-known artists merit the praise they are receiving, it's crucial to keep in mind that they were once ordinary individuals, just like you and me, with peculiar, occasionally unbearable habits.

    They stand out because of the strict standards they are required to uphold at all times. Although it might be challenging to live up to and even harder to reject these expectations, these celebrities made the decision to accept who they truly are. We've compiled a list of celebrities with weird habits, and we're convinced that most of them will surprise you, from eating insects and spiders to washing with wet wipes.

    #1. Brad Pitt doesn’t take a bath for weeks

    celebrities with weird habits

    On the sets of Inglorious Basterds, his co-star Eli Roth showed him how to keep himself clean with baby wipes because his stench had become intolerable. His justification is that he frequently goes up to two weeks without having enough time to take a shower. Fun fact: Brad Pitt believes that soaps are poisonous and therefore doesn't use any when he showers.

    #2. Cameron Diaz doesn’t wash her face

    celebrities with weird habits

    The actress is proud of her self-acceptance and the point in her life where she no longer cares about how she looks. Her face is never washed. “I don’t want it to be about what I look like,” she says. “I literally do nothing. I have billions of products that I use twice a month if I’m lucky.”

    #3. Megan Fox doesn’t flush the toilet after she is done with her business

    celebrities with weird habits

    Megan Fox herself has admitted she forgets to flush the toilet after she is done pooping. She has also said that her friends always complain because she leaves the toilet unflushed and rather disgusting.

    #4. Kim Kardashian sleeps with her makeup on

    celebrities with weird habits

    This crucial beauty rule is undoubtedly known to every girl: always wash your makeup off. Kim, though, has her own viewpoint on the matter. Even if she doesn't have to appear in public the following day, Kim Kardashian once claimed that she usually always attempts to keep her makeup on for two days and goes to bed with it. She only needs to fix it in the morning and she’s ready to go.

    #5. Jessica Simpson doesn’t brush her teeth every day

    celebrities with weird habits

    Despite her pearly white, Hollywood smile, Jessica Simpson revealed that she does not brush her teeth daily but only three times a week. In an interview, the 41-year-old singer said, “Because my teeth are so white and I don’t like them to feel too slippery, but I do use Listerine and I do floss every day. It’s really weird but I have great breath.”

    #6. Robert Pattinson doesn’t see the point in washing his hair

    celebrities with weird habits

    Robert Pattinson admitted that leaving his hair unwashed for weeks has become one of his habits. He explained, “I have so much residue in my hair from years and years of not washing it and not having any sense of personal hygiene whatsoever.” When asked if it was true that he once said he hadn’t washed his hair for six weeks, the actor answered, “Probably. I don’t know. I don’t really see the point in washing your hair.”

    #7. Kesha drank her own urine to get ripped

    celebrities with weird habits

    We get it when Bear Grylls does it because it is for the sake of survival. Kesha drank her own pee on television in an effort to get in "kick-ass shape." After realizing that drinking pee doesn’t get anyone into kick-ass shape, she quit doing that.

    #8. Sushmita Sen takes a bath on an open terrace

    celebrities with weird habits

    Bathrooms are not where Sushmita Sen takes baths. She placed a bathtub on the terrace of her home because she enjoys taking baths there. She apparently enjoys gazing at the moon and stars while taking a bath. Not quite a bad habit in and of itself, but hmm you get our point

    #9. Christina Aguilera doesn’t wash her hands after she poops

    celebrities with weird habits

    A bathroom attendant saw her come out of the toilet and skip the whole process where people wash their hands properly because they pooped. Turns out, she even finished her meal at the restaurant after this and even shook hands with the unsuspecting fans who approached her.

    #10. Jennifer Lawrence pees in sinks

    celebrities with weird habits

    The Hunger Games star admitted that she doesn't mind peeing in the sink during an interview. Of course, this is when the circumstances demand it. She said: “I’ve peed in some sinks. When 2 girls go into a bathroom, someone’s gotta take the sink. One could wait, but if the one waiting is me, she’s going to the sink.”

    #11. Angelina Jolie eats insects and spiders

    celebrities with weird habits

    Angelina Jolie enjoys eating insects and spiders on occasion. Her children also enjoy eating bugs. The famous actress isn’t the only celebrity who eats insects: Nicole Kidman, Zac Efron, and Justin Timberlake are all reported to eat them.

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