10 Best Animal Movies For Kids Of All Time

Nichole 2 month ago
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Looking for fun and wholesome entertainment for your kids? Check out these 10 best animal movies for kids of all time!

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    If you are looking for some fun and wholesome entertainment for your kids, you can’t go wrong with animal movies. There is something magical and captivating about watching animals on the big screen, whether they are talking, singing, or just being themselves. Animal movies can also teach kids valuable lessons about friendship, courage, empathy, and respect for nature. In this blog post, we will list 10 of the best animal movies for kids of all time, in no particular order. These movies are suitable for all ages and will surely make your kids laugh, cry, and cheer.

    #1. The Lion King (1994)

    Best Animal Movies For Kids

    Source: IMDb

    The Lion King is a classic Disney animated movie that tells the story of Simba, a young lion who is destined to become the king of the Pride Lands. However, his evil uncle Scar plots to kill his father Mufasa and take over the throne. Simba escapes and grows up in the jungle with his friends Timon and Pumbaa, a meerkat and a warthog. He eventually returns to face Scar and reclaim his rightful place. The Lion King is a stunning masterpiece that features memorable songs, breathtaking animation, and a powerful message about responsibility and courage.

    #2. Babe (1995)

    Best Animal Movies For Kids

    Source: Children's International Film Festival

    Babe is a charming live-action movie that follows the adventures of a piglet who is raised by sheepdogs on a farm. Babe discovers that he has a talent for herding sheep and decides to pursue his dream of becoming a sheep-pig. Along the way, he makes friends with other animals on the farm and learns to overcome prejudice and stereotypes. Babe is a heartwarming movie that celebrates diversity, kindness, and perseverance.

    #3. Finding Nemo (2003)

    Best Animal Movies For Kids

    Source: Disney Wiki - Fandom

    Finding Nemo is a Pixar animated movie that takes us on an underwater journey with Marlin, a clownfish who is searching for his son Nemo, who was captured by divers. Marlin teams up with Dory, a forgetful blue tang fish, and encounters various dangers and wonders in the ocean. Meanwhile, Nemo tries to escape from a dentist’s aquarium with the help of his new friends. Finding Nemo is a hilarious and touching movie that explores the themes of family, friendship, and courage.

    #4. Zootopia (2016)

    Best Animal Movies For Kids

    Source: IMDb

    Zootopia is another Disney animated movie that depicts a world where animals live in harmony and have evolved to form a modern society. Judy Hopps, a rabbit who dreams of becoming a police officer, moves to the city of Zootopia and partners with Nick Wilde, a fox who is a con artist. Together, they uncover a conspiracy that threatens to disrupt the peace between predators and prey. Zootopia is a clever and entertaining movie that tackles issues such as prejudice, discrimination, and social justice.

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    #5. Charlotte’s Web (1973)

    Best Animal Movies For Kids

    Source: IMDb

    Charlotte’s Web is a classic animated movie based on the beloved book by E.B. White. It tells the story of Wilbur, a pig who is saved from being slaughtered by Fern, a young girl who loves him. Wilbur befriends Charlotte, a spider who lives in the barn, and other animals who help him cope with his fears and loneliness. Charlotte decides to write words of praise for Wilbur in her web to convince the farmer to spare him. Charlotte’s Web is a beautiful and emotional movie that teaches kids about friendship, loyalty, and sacrifice.

    #6. The Jungle Book (1967)

    Best Animal Movies For Kids

    Source: IMDb

    The Jungle Book is another Disney animated movie based on the stories by Rudyard Kipling. It follows the adventures of Mowgli, a boy who was raised by wolves in the Indian jungle. Mowgli meets various animals who either help him or hinder him in his journey to find his place in the world. He encounters Baloo, a bear who teaches him how to enjoy life; Bagheera, a panther who guides him; Shere Khan, a tiger who wants to kill him; and King Louie, an orangutan who wants to learn the secret of fire. The Jungle Book is a fun and lively movie that features catchy songs, humor, and action.

    #7. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993)

    Best Animal Movies For Kids

    Source: Disney Plus

    Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey is a live-action movie that tells the story of three pets who embark on an epic journey to find their owners. Chance, a mischievous American bulldog; Shadow, a wise golden retriever; and Sassy, a sassy cat; are left behind when their family moves to another city. They decide to escape from their temporary home and travel across mountains, rivers, forests, and cities to reunite with their family. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey is an exciting and heartwarming movie that showcases the bond between animals and humans.

    #8. The Secret Life of Pets (2016)

    Best Animal Movies For Kids

    Source: National Portrait Gallery

    The Secret Life of Pets is a hilarious animated movie that reveals what pets do when their owners are not around. Max, a terrier who loves his owner Katie, is jealous when she brings home a new dog named Duke. The two dogs end up getting lost in the city and have to work together to survive and find their way back home. Along the way, they meet other pets who have their own personalities and agendas. The Secret Life of Pets is a fun and funny movie that will make you laugh and appreciate your pets more.

    #9. Happy Feet (2006)

    Source: IMDb

    Happy Feet is a musical animated movie that follows the life of Mumble, a penguin who is born with a talent for dancing but cannot sing like the rest of his kind. Mumble feels like an outcast and goes on a journey to find his true self and his soulmate. He encounters various challenges and dangers in the Antarctic and discovers a shocking truth about the humans who are affecting his environment. Happy Feet is a colorful and energetic movie that features amazing songs, dances, and messages about individuality and environmentalism.

    #10. How to Train Your Dragon (2010)

    Source: IMDb

    How to Train Your Dragon is a thrilling animated movie that tells the story of Hiccup, a Viking boy who wants to prove himself as a dragon slayer. However, he befriends a dragon named Toothless and learns that dragons are not the enemies he thought they were. He tries to change the mindset of his tribe and stop the war between humans and dragons. How to Train Your Dragon is a captivating and inspiring movie that explores the themes of friendship, courage, and acceptance.

    These are 10 of the best animal movies for kids of all time. We hope you enjoyed this blog post and found some movies that you and your kids will love. Which one is your favorite?

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